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National Transformation Program



This document was updated following the announcement of new Vision Realization Programs (VRPs), to support achieving Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 ambitions and objectives. Some of the initiatives in the previous National Transformation Program (NTP) delivery plan document are now included in the delivery plans of the relevant VRPs.


Launch of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030
April 25, 2016

The Kingdom’s “Vision 2030” comprises 96 strategic objectives, governed by a number of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), that will be achieved through a number of initiatives codeveloped and executed by different governmental entities alongside private and non profit organizations within the respective ecosystems. The Council of Economic and Development Affairs has set up an effective and integrated governance model with the aim of translating “Vision 2030” into multiple VRPs working in parallel to achieve the strategic objectives & realize the vision.


Launch of the National Transformation
June 06, 2016

In order to build the capacity and capabilities required to achieve the ambitious goals of “Vision 2030,” the National Transformation Program was launched as a VRP involving 24 government agencies. It aims to develop governmental work and establish the needed infrastructure to achieve “Vision 2030” ambition and requirements.


Updating the Program’s 2018-2020 Delivery Plan

In line with the launch of new “Vision 2030” VRPs; changes to the first version of the National Transformation Program had to take place. These changes required the adaptation, integration, and re-arrangement of many initiatives established under the first version of the NTP delivery plan into the relevant VRPs delivery plans.

The aim of this update is to define the NTP scope, roles and responsibilities, and the related Vision 2030 strategic objectives that are focusing on the following three principles:

1. Achieving Governmental Operational Excellence
2. Improving Economic Enablers
3. Enhancing the Standards of Living


National Transformation Program Document 

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